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C-Rail System

We manufacture and supply all types of C-rail systems. We build a complete system with precision and accuracy. To get the best output from the product we use high-quality materials. We make all the products as per our customer’s needs. We also suggest products that might be helpful for their applications. There are three options you can select from the C-Rail system to allow us to explain to you each of the products. 


C-Rail Festoon Cable Trolleys

C rail Cable Trolley We manufacture the C-rail festoon cable trolleys and supply them across the world. We use all the high-quality materials to make the product. We work as per the customer’s request. All the C-rail festoon cable trolleys are mostly used to arrange and carry all the necessary cables and wires that are around the machines. We make the C-rail festoon cable trolley in both metal and PVC we can provide you the products as per your usage. 

C-Rail Festoon System

Festoon system enclosed section Cable Trolley System_500We offer you a C-Rail system that consists of every single part of the mechanism. We use refined quality material to make all our products acknowledged around the world for their functionality and quality. We can manufacture the C-rai system in PVC and Stainless steel both as per customers’ needs and usage. If the products have to be used in the worst weather then you can buy the Heavy-duty PVC c-rail system. If you want to use the c-rail festoon system at high temperatures then you must buy the heavy-duty metal c-rail system.

Enclosed Festoon Cable Trolleys

enclosed c rail festoon cable trolleyWe manufacture the enclosed festoon cable trolley and supply it in various parts of the world. Our products are acknowledged by our valuable customers because of the performance and quality of the product. Enclosed festoon cable trolleys ensure that the cables are safely tight in one place. Once you get Enclosed festoon Cable trolleys installed no more slackness in the cables and the cables will require less maintenance.