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The Cable Drag Chains are used to connect with various automated machines. We offer this product in a wide range and the quality is never compromised no matter the quantity. We follow international quality standards to judge our products. These products act as a guide to different types of cables. A drag chain will help you to minimize the wear and tear on your hose. The drag chain is very helpful especially when using a long-length chain, it will help you to avoid entanglement. There are various benefits of this product, a few of which are minimum maintenance and easy installation. Here we have provided a list of cable drag chain features.

Features For Cable Drag Chains

  • The metal construction of this product helps to resist environmental effect.
  • This product has a wide range of mounting configurations.
  • The friction between link plates is also reduced with the help of a nylon washer.
  • It occupies very less space.
  • Cable drag chains have a long life because of its heavy duty material.
  • These drag chains are resistant to oil, dust, rust, and corrosive material.
  • These drag chains can give an aesthetic appearance.

Applications For Cable Drag Chains

Now, if you are wondering where you can use these drag chain cable carrier, then wonder no more. They can be used for any machines from light duty to heavy duty. You can also use them at steel mills, another application of this cable drag chain is foundry and rolling mills.

Drag Chain For Different Projects

Now, we offer different kinds of drag chains according to the need of the project. We judge on the basis of weight. So there are many options. There are two types of drag chains available with us. We offer you with plastic cable drag chains for light and medium-duty works, Metal cable drag chains for medium to heavy-duty works. Let us guide you with its features and to give an idea about when it would be wise to choose them. 

Heavy Duty Cable Drag Chains

Heavy Duty Cable Drag Chains At Cable carrier, we manufacture the best Heavy Duty cable drag chain in the industry. We have been providing the Heavy-duty cable drag chain to our valuable customers around the globe for more than 24+ Years. Our main motto is to provide long-lasting & premium products to the customers, we do regular industry-standard quality checks. Here in this section, you can get both the metal & plastic cable drag chain. 

  • Heavy-Duty Cable Drag Chain

Metallic Cable Drag Chains

Metallic Cable Drag ChainsMetallic cable drag chains are one of the toughest drag chains. We manufacture and export these chains across the globe. We have engineered the product precisely and our products are acknowledged by our valuable customers. The Metallic cable drag chains are used where the temperature is high. There are 2 types of metallic cable drag chains:

  • Mild Steel Galvanized Cable Drag Chain 
  • Metallic Fully Enclosed Drag Chain

Plastic Cable Drag Chains

Plastic Cable Drag ChainWe offer you Plastic drag chains made with amazing high-quality materials. We make all the products with precision and advanced technology. As the leading cable drag chain supplier and exporter of this industry, our products are appreciated by our valuable customers around the globe. Here we will introduce you to all two options of plastic cable drag chains. 

  • Light Duty Cable Drag Chains
  • Fully Enclosed Cable Drag Chains