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We provide our customers with cable carrier trolleys as well. We supply them and we have an export business for the same. We always follow the standards of the industry to rate our product and create the best quality product possible. The cable carrier trolley manages all the cables that run with the machine. This cable carrier trolley ensures that neither the machine nor the people around the cables are harmed. The cable carrier is made up of very high-quality materials because of that we have so many satisfied customers around the globe. 

You can choose the product material as per your requirement. We mostly use metallic and Nylon-6 plastic material for work. We talk to the customer to know their requirements and we suggest them the best product possible. The cable carriers are made to meet all the industry standards and we ensure that it passes the quality check before it leaves the warehouse. 

Product Details

Usage/Application Industrial
Loading Capacity 30 – 500 kg
Brand Cable Carrier
Speed Upto 1 to 100 m/min
Number Of Cable Layers 1 – 60 nos
Trolley Material Plastic (Nylon-6), Stainless Steel 304, Mild Steel Galvanized


Features Of Cable Carrier Trolley

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Self-lubrication
  • High durability
  • Smooth movements
  • No water absorption and rustproof
  • Ensure total safety

We have different types of cable carrier trolley, the main difference between each type is the material that it is made up of. Now, you will have to choose carefully which one would be best for you. For that, you can check out the products below and make your decision. Obviously, the material will impact the performance and how much weight it will be able to hold. 

Heavy Duty Cable Carrier

We manufacture and export heavy-duty cable carriers in various countries. We intend to work with precision and accuracy and all our products meet industry standards. You can use the Heavy-duty cable carrier to save the essential cables & wires around the machine. You can prevent an accident by installing the cable carriers. 

  • Metallic Wire Rope Cable Carrier 

Light Duty Cable Carrier

Light Duty Cable Carrier TrolleysWe are the leading supplier and manufacturer of the light-duty cable carrier. We supply light-duty cable carriers across the globe. We always ensure that all the products we manufacture meet industry-standard grades. Our products pass all the industry-standard quality checks.

  • Wire Rope Cable Carrier 
  • Plastic Cable Carrier 

Wheel Cable Carrier

WHEEL CABLE CARRIER1_500pxThere are two types of cable carriers available with us: single-wheel cable carriers and double-wheel cable carriers. As both the cable carriers are used in different applications. You can choose the single wheel or double wheel depending on your requirement. 

  • Single Wheel Cable Carrier 
  • Double Wheel Cable Carrier