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Wheel Cable Carrier

There are two types of cable carriers available with us: single wheel cable carriers and double wheel cable carriers. You can utilize both of them in different applications depending on your requirement. The single wheel cable carrier can be used in light-duty works. The double wheel cable carrier is mostly used when there are many cables and wires around the machines. So, to carry them you will need a cable carrier that can bear the load. As we move further we have mentioned for which application you can choose the cable carrier single wheel & double wheel carrier.

Single Wheel Cable Carrier

single wheel cable carrier trolleysAs we are a leading exporter and supplier of the single wheel cable carrier. We manufacture this product as per our customer’s needs. The single-wheel cable carrier keeps the cost of the project low. The single-wheel cable carrier perfectly fits with any wire rope and works smoothly with the machine. We researched & found that people want a cable carrier that is cost-efficient. So we have manufactured the Singl wheel cable carrier people having the requirement of carrying a single cable then we would suggest them to get the Single wheel cable carrier.  

Double Wheel Cable Carrier

Double wheel cable carrier trolleysWe also manufacture and export double-wheel cable carriers across the globe. We suggest the customers as per their requirements and needs. If the customer needs a heavy-duty cable carrier then we suggest them a double wheel cable carrier. All our products are engineered with precision and we always use high-quality products to meet all the industry standards. The double wheel cable carrier can carry many cables, even the double wheel cable carrier can work very smoothly in straight wire rope.